Social Community Manager

at (N)ever (F)orget (T)his

140k - 200k USD/Year
46 d. ago
About the Job

I. (N)ever (F)orget (T)his is an interactive web3 docuseries dedicated to telling human stories of NFT and Web3 innovation and asking questions that catalyze the Web3 community to live up to its ideals.

II. Our goal is to prototype new ways of building storytelling communities that can effectively bootstrap and coordinate around the storytelling that inspires them most. We hope to be an early flame that inspires builders and storytellers to continue to innovate across disciplines and usher in a future in which consumers become participants in shaping the direction of the storytelling worlds they are a part of.

III. Our current Phase / Expectations of (N)(F)(T) is to do our own, DIY, grassroots distribution. Because of this, we are hiring an experienced Social Manager as a core contributor to our team. The right hire will have previously 

  • Scaled a twitter account from a few hundred to 10s of thousands of followers
  • Informed editorial / creative direction for social to maximize reach and engagement, especially film. 
  • Built & actively managed social calendars
  • Grown audiences through social partnerships with other brands and influencers 

It’s a plus, but not necessary, that you are familiar with Web3 and NFTs as long as you feel excited to learn and can hold a strong perspective. Even more valuable than that would be if your past social scaling work has been with creative communities that represent some form of artistry. We are prioritizing Twitter, but will leverage social platforms that you are strong in as well, e.g. Reddit and Instagram. 

A significant amount of the post communication and visual collateral will be led by the Creative Director and Executive Producer. Many partnership opportunities and growth strategies will be surfaced by the Director of Strategy. If you have creative capacity, can also contribute to messaging, or have a strategic perspective and partnership opportunities, those are also valuable, but are not primary responsibilities of the role. 

IV. Primary Responsibilities will be collaborating with our Executive Producer, Director of Strategy, Lead Designer, and Creative Director to:

  • Generate a social calendar that represents the quality of our ecosystem and engages stakeholders and community 
  • Coordinate the design of collateral in response to our PR, Partnerships, Community engagement, and other real-time activities. 
  • Scale a twitter account to 30k+ followers through organic growth

  • Lead in engaging our internal team, especially Executive Producer to generate appropriate copy that communicates the (N)ever (F)orget (T)his point of view on the significance of NFT and Web3 related topics and how the storytelling ecosystem might evolve. Maintain a brand voice.
  • Make sure that our community feels the life of the project in response to their engagement
  • Support the coordination of values-aligned thought leader conversations that the Executive Producer will be having in live and pre-recorded interviews across a spectrum of Web3 perspectives, including builders, advocates, and critics, such as  Sirsu, Nancy Baker Cahill, Sarah Odenkirk, Latashá, Coin Artist, Trent McConaghy, Artnome, GMUNK, and Brewster Kahle, among others. Represent them well in our social presence.
  • Define technical opportunities for social partnership development. You may also enroll social partners into collaboration. 

V. Your Commitment for what we call Phase II is from February 15th through May 15th. We expect that this role will have the opportunity to continue beyond that, however we have only scoped and resourced for this phase. This is a contract position. The time commitment is as follows:

  • Month 1 -  2/3rds time, ideally you join for a team irl immersion (costs covered). 
  • Month 2 - 2/3rds time 
  • Month 3 - 2/3ds time, ideally you join for an IRL event (costs covered). 

FTE: $10,000 / Mo 

If you bring other meaningful strategic partnerships there could be equity opportunities available in the project. 

VI. Apply here: